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  • Four things you need to know about malaria

    Malaria is an infectious disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite and transmitted by mosquitoes (male Anopheles). Clinically, it is characterized by intermittent chills, high fever, sweating, hepatosplenomegaly, and anemia, and it is divided into four types: vivax malaria, triscal malaria, falciparum malaria and ovale malaria.

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  • How to test malaria?

    The malaria diagnosis includes epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, and laboratory examinations. In particular, laboratory examinations are an important basis for the diagnosis of the disease, mainly for the examination of causative pathogens. Once the malaria parasite is found, the disease can be diagnosed. Through some other examinations to assess the specific condition, to guide clinical treatment.

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  • Hunan Runmei Gene Releases Real-Time PCR Monkeypox Virus Kit

    Hunan Runmei Gene offers RealStar® Orthopox Virus PCR Kit 1.0, a reagent detection system based on real-time PCR technology for the detection of orthopoxvirus species-specific DNA, including DNA from Central and West African monkeypox virus strains .

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  • How to correctly choose the virus storage tube to effectively reduce “false negatives”?

    With the development of the epidemic, the problem of “false negatives” in nucleic acid testing has become increasingly prominent. According to a report from Southern Weekend, a patient in Hangzhou has been tested negative for 6 nucleic acid tests, and it was not tested positive until the 7th time.  Pointed out that the current positive rate of nucleic acid tests is about 30%-40%. A negative test cannot rule out new coronavirus pneumonia, and multiple negative tests cannot be ruled out.

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